Copywriting, copy-editing, & communications strategy, to help you reach more clients.
If you've got a specific communications project ready to start, get content marketing help from an expert! I can write for all kinds of projects, including web content, blogging, social-media, landing pages, print advertising, brochures, and much much more. 

I'll work closely with you to understand your messaging goals, and combine research, writing, and revision to help us achieve them together. For digital marketing, I'll write with SEO in mind. In every project, I'll work to ensure clarity and good UX for your clients, while staying true to your unique brand voice.

Let's work together to engage and inspire your best customers!
Website Content
Whether you’re creating your first website, or updating a current one, I can help write or edit engaging, goal-driven content that creates a user-friendly experience for your clients, while keeping SEO in mind. I’m happy to work with your web designer to make your brand proposition clear, and create CTAs and navigation that helps customers find what they're looking for, and converts!
Blog Writing
Blog writing is a critical part of inbound marketing, and something many companies and small businesses just don’t find time to do. Get help creating ongoing blog content that adds value for existing customers, helps prospects understand your offering, creates fresh website content to support SEO, and provides additional sales tools for your team to share on other platforms.
E-Newsletters & Drip Campaigns
Maximize the potential of your warm leads by sending regular content straight to their inboxes! E-newsletters reach the people who already like what you do, and provide them with updates, offers, and helpful content to nurture their continued business. Get help writing regularly scheduled newsletters, or pre-planned drip campaigns that automate your customer connections.
Brochures & Flyers
Not everything is digital! Printed marketing materials still have an important role in your media mix, providing a tangible information piece to leave with existing and potential clients. Let me help you hone your messaging for short or long brochures, advertisements, flyers and other printed pieces.
Press Releases & Media Kits
Get help writing Press Releases for specific company events and announcements, crafting responses to media questions, or creating Media Kits that showcase your company, and can be shared when the Press comes knocking at your door (or email inbox). Media Kits help define your brand and prepare you and your team for press opportunities.
Content Strategy
If you're not even sure where to start with your marketing communications, I can help! Let me work with you to identify who your potential clients are, and understand the best ways to reach them, online and off. Together we'll develop an achievable plan that fits your budget, and works with your current resources.



You're the expert on your industry, customers and the work you do.  I'll work closely with you to ensure that the content marketing projects I do for you meet your needs, and fit your brand personality, customers, and business goals.  


I'll take the time to understand your industry, competition, and clients, as well as the latest best practises in marketing communications, in order to ensure writing projects are targeted to the audience you need to reach.


You can expect timely, clear communication from me throughout any project. From the start, we'll review project needs and agree on steps, cost and timelines.  Throughout the project I'll be in touch to ensure things are on track.